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2022 Redesign

Posted on: September 30, 2022

Perry County request community input


During the Perry County Courthouse renovation in 2017, Perry County focus was the structural integrity and ensuring the building itself would stand for generations to come. We now have the unique opportunity to explore  improving the grounds surrounding the county’s centerpiece for the first time since 1991. The historic Perry County Courthouse has served as the local political and social center for more than a century and has been the jewel of our community's downtown square. As we usher in a new era, Perry County is working with DG2 Design to develop a master plan to enhance the area surrounding the courthouse, and we would like input from our residents.

Use this link to take the survey now. 

Perry County Courthouse Lawn Master Plan

Perry County welcomes all thoughts, ideas and suggestions from the people who call Perry County home to ensure that our courthouse grounds continue to be a community focal point to be enjoyed by the community and visitors alike.

Your participation is invaluable to us, as we strive to create a pedestrian friendly space to be enjoyed for generations to come. Please join us on November 16 to learn more about the project! Details to follow on the County website.

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