Real Estate

Perry County Real Estate Market
Perry County and most of the cities and communities in the county have realized a steady and stable real estate market over many years with sustained growth. Since 2015, Perry County has added an average of over 40 new houses per year to the tax rolls.

Benefits for Homeowners

Most homeowners benefit from our strong real estate market as they are usually able to sell their homes for more than they paid for them. Many homeowners who don't plan to sell their homes benefit also, however they are often surprised to learn how much their property may have appreciated based on sales of similar homes in their neighborhoods.

Market Value

The Assessor is charged with assessing all properties at their market value. A simple definition of market value is the price a property would bring when offered for sale by a person who is willing but not obligated to sell, and is bought by a person who is willing to purchase though is not forced to do so.

The State Tax Commission (STC) requires our office to perform quarterly evaluations of our sales to determine how our values relate to sales occurring in the marketplace. The STC also does their own ratio studies to determine if our assessments are within statutory guidelines.

Three Classes of Real Property

ClassAssessment Rate
Class I: Residential19% of market value
Class II: Agricultural and Horticultural12% of market value
Class III: Commercial, Industrial, Railroad / Utility32% of market value

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