Personal Property


Personal property lists should indicate the property that was owned on January 1 of each year, including all such property purchased on that day.

Personal Property Assessment lists are due by March 1 of every year. Assessment lists received after the March 1 date, are subject to penalties by law.

In Perry County, your personal property assessment list is mailed on December 31.

For help with Personal Property, please call (573) 547-5211.

Seven Classifications of Personal Property

RSMo 137.080 and RSMo 137.115


Assessment Rate

Class I: Grain (Crops).5% of market value
Class II: Livestock12% of market value
Class III: Farm Machinery12% of market value
Class IV: Vehicles33.33% of market value
Class V: Manufactured Housing19% of market value
Class VI: Historic Vehicles5% of market value
Class VII: All Other Property33.33% of market value

Additionally, pollution control equipment and certain specific other equipment in enterprise zones are assessed at 25% of market value (RSMo 137.115).

More Information

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E-File Assessment List

Filing a personal property assessment list online is easy and convenient.

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