ROHV/UTV/ATV use on Perry County Roads

Please be advised the Perry County Commission has revised Ordinance #07-02 relating to permits issued for all-terrain, utility and recreational vehicle (ATV, UTV and ROHV) use on Perry County Roads. As stated in the ordinance, "that in lieu of an established fee, all-terrain, utility and recreational vehicles which are properly placed on the owner's personal property tax assessment list are considered permitted and allowed on Perry County roads."

In order to legally travel Perry County roads, owners of ATV, UTV or ROHVs shall maintain proof of insurance and a copy of the waiver or tax receipt, proving the item is listed, and should be able to produce that proof upon request. 

Questions regarding the enforcement or specifics of the machine regulations should be directed to the Perry County Sheriff’s Department at 573-547-4576.

Questions regarding listing machines on personal property tax assessment should be directed to the Perry County Assessor's office at 573-547-5211.

Click here for regulations for operation of machines in the city limits of Perryville

Click here for Missouri State Highway Patrol ROHV/UV/ATV Enforcement Guide

Click here for a copy of Perry County Commission’s Ordinance regarding ROHV/UV/ATV