Personal Property

All articles brought into the Jail at your time of incarceration must be placed in storage and may not be taken to the inmate’s cell. The only exceptions are the following:
  • Legal papers needed for current case preparation
  • Wedding rings (without stones / sharp corners)
Releasing & Holding of Personal Property
Personal property of the inmate may be released to family or friends by the inmate. If not released, it will be maintained by the jail. Property will only be held for 14 days after the inmate is released or transferred to another agency and will be disposed of or donated to charity.

Regulations on Delivering Personal Property from Outside
We will not accept any personal property brought into the jail from the outside. The only exception will be clothes for jury trials, only one set of clothes allowed at a time and can only be brought by their attorney. If you have any questions, please contact the jail staff at (573) 547-4576.