Health Care Services

Health Care Services are provided by a Nurse Practitioner or other qualified medical professional. Over the counter medications will be purchase through commissary.

If needed, doctor’s visit, dental visit, or prescription can be obtained through the medical service charge co-pay and will be as follows:
  • Doctor's visit co-pay - $10
  • Dental visit co-pay - $10
  • Prescription co-pay - $7.50
Dental care will be provided on an emergency basis. You must have a court order for mental treatment.

Eyeglasses or contact lenses are the inmate’s responsibility.

Any repairs, acquisitions or supplies will be at the inmate’s own personal expense.

Medical care will never be refused to anyone. Inmates with no funds will be seen as needed, regardless of their ability to pay.

If you have any questions, please contact the jail staff at (573) 547-4576.