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New Bourbon Regional Port Authority
    The New Bourbon Regional Port Authority was created in 1982 to plan and carry out port development within Ste. Genevieve and Perry Counties, both of which are located on a navigable waterway, the Mississippi River.

    Since its inception, the primary goal of the New Bourbon Regional Port Authority has been to develop a public port facility on the Mississippi River to serve businesses in Ste. Genevieve and Perry Counties, as well as surrounding counties, and to provide the necessary facilities to support additional manufacturing growth and job creation for the residents of the two-county area.

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    A study conducted by the Southeast Missouri Regional Planning and Economic Development Commission estimates that 35 jobs directly related to the port would be initially created. About 400 jobs eventually could be created, the commission estimates, with each job paying an annual average salary of $43,664. Additionally, the Missouri Department of Economic Development estimates that each new job generates an additional two secondary jobs in retail, service and other sectors of the local economy.

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