ROHV/UTV/ATV Permitting in Perry County

Perry County Sheriff’s Department requires all Recreational Off-Highway Vehicles (ROHV), Utility Vehicles (UV) and ATV (All-Terrain Vehicles) be permitted if they will be operated on Perry County-maintained roadways (ROADS in PERRY COUNTY LISTED AS PCR).  Permits are issued through the Perry County Clerk’s Office located on the first floor of the Perry County Administration Building at 321 N Main St. Machines used for agricultural purposes are not required to be permitted. 

Permits are $30, and cover the machine for 2 years. THEY ARE ONLY AVAILABLE FOR PERRY COUNTY RESIDENTS WHO PAY PERSONAL PROPERTY TAX. In order to get a permit, residents need to provide a copy of their previous year’s paid personal property tax receipt, proof of insurance on the machine and show a valid driver’s license. If the machine is a new purchase, or was not previously listed on the permitees personal property tax assessment form, it must first be added to the list through the Perry County Assessor’s office located on the second floor of the Perry County Administration Building. The  Assessor’s office will order a waiver be printed that shows the machine has been added to their assessment list. That waiver can be picked up at the Perry County Collector’s office (across the hall from the Clerk’s office), and will need to be presented with the other required documents. 

Questions regarding the enforcement or specifics of the machine regulations should be directed to the Perry County Sheriff’s Department at 573-547-4576.

Questions regarding the permitting process should be directed to the Perry County Clerk’s Office at 573-547-4242

Click here for Missouri State Highway Patrol ROHV/UV/ATV Enforcement Guide

Click here for a copy of Perry County Commission’s Ordinance regarding ROHV/UV/ATV